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Lord's Taverners

Lord’s Taverners exist to positively impact the lives of young people facing the challenges of inequality.

The charity works across the UK and beyond to provide inclusive and impactful cricket programmes, empowering young people with disabilities and from disadvantaged communities to develop the knowledge, skills, capabilities and confidence required to overcome the challenges of inequality, raise their aspirations and reach their potential.

By working to empower young people to fulfil their potential, the charity is helping to build inclusive communities and lay the foundations for a positive future through its free cricket programmes.

Table Cricket
Table cricket is an adapted form of the game played on a table tennis table. It can be played competitively and, in a community, or educational setting. Aimed at 8-25 year-olds, it is inclusive – young people living with a wide range of learning and complex physical disabilities take part. Key to the programme is the competitive element with a league structure for schools, culminating in a National Finals Day at Lord’s.

The emphasis of playing is on enjoyment and developing social skills through interaction with friends and others they meet in competitions. The game helps players develop cognitive and coordination skills, and learn how to win and lose. Being part of a team helps players feel included, valued and proud to represent their schools.

Super 1s
Super 1s is a national community cricket programme for young people with disabilities aged 12-25 which has access and inclusion at the heart of it. It provides an opportunity to have fun playing cricket with friends every week and experience competitive sport with peers.

The programme goes beyond cricket – it helps individuals develop vital life skills that enable them to realise their potential. People living with disabilities who want to be active say that accessibility is a huge barrier – too often there is little on offer. Providing free and accessible Super 1s sessions in a familiar and welcoming setting is making all the difference.

Wicketz is about improving the prospects of young people and helping them gain the skills they need to thrive and realise their potential through cricket. This is about much more than cricket – Each of the 17 Wicketz projects located across the country provide opportunities for young people to develop an understanding of their own wellbeing, improve their quality of life and develop key skills such as confidence, resilience, respect, teamwork and leadership.

Through regular cricket sessions and life skills workshops, in areas of most need, the programme helps create lifelong habits that promote positive futures and healthier, more cohesive communities. Integration and inclusion are a key focus – the programme works with a very diverse group of young people with representation from over 30 ethnic communities, bringing together participants from a wide range of backgrounds and experiences. Wicketz has also welcomed many from marginalised groups including young carers, refugees, excluded pupils, young offenders and others who are potentially at risk of being caught up in discrimination, crime or violence.

Sports Kit Recycling
The Sports Kit Recycling programme enables young people to access equipment that allows them to take part in regular team sport and competitions in their community. For many young people across the world, a lack of the right sports equipment and clothing is a huge barrier preventing them from taking part in regular sport and experiencing all the benefits that brings.

Tonnes of good quality, unwanted sports kit and equipment is donated by individuals and partners from across the country. The Lord’s Taverners then send it to community projects overseas and throughout the UK, with each using it to do something positive in their community – from those promoting sport to those who set out to challenge inequality.

Kit and equipment donations are a catalyst for change. They enable young people to train, compete, win and lose together – all life experiences and skills that enhance their lives and the lives of those around them.

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